About us

We are a team of friends brought together by passion for timeless design. We search for and carefully hand-pick chaming furniture pieces that get renovated and redisigned in our own “novoretro” style. Our items are meant for those who like relatible furniture with a story and time-tested design with our new modern look. All items on our website have undergone a partial or complete renovation and are intended for immediate use in your interior.


We sell renovated furniture and accessories from the second half of the 20th century


Our mission is

recycling, sustainability, originality

buy less, but better.

since 2010



The novoretro founder, the selector, he purchases the pieces for the shop, photographs the products, designs interiors and communicates with you by e-mail as well as on social networks. He does his best to make sure that everything works as it should and that you receive both your answers and your goods in time.




In novoretro, she takes care of the successful shop operation. She prepares photos of the products for you and posts them on the website, parcels up and sends the ordered items.