We renovate your old furniture

Do you have a piece of furniture at home that needs repairs? Let us renovate it. The price quote we provide amounts to about 80 % of the price of a similar item in our stock. However, everything is a matter of personal agreement, your wishes and the condition of the furniture being repaired.

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or see us in our studio at Palackého třída 51 in Brno.


original condition
the furniture is cleaned and kept in the original condition without interventions

the furniture is cleaned carefully, potential larger defects (bruisings, cracks etc.) are touched up and it is newly impregnated with polishes, oil, creams – the items carry the signs of time

complete renovation
the furniture is usually dismantled to individual parts, the original polish (varnish or paint) is removed, it is manually reground to the original wood, stained, varnished (sprayed or painted) and re-assembled

partial renovation
parts of the furniture are renovated as required, the rest is refreshed

upholstery renovation
if the furniture requires new upholstery, we will replace or refill all interior parts (springs, foam etc.) depending on the type of the original treatment; after that everything is re-upholstered with a new high-quality fabric


novoretro klasik
the objects are renovated to the original state and period colour scheme

novoretro original
we creativelly change the colour scheme, covers, handles etc. of the objects; each item is an original

novoretro art
the furniture is visually modified and decorated by our associated graphic designers and painters

With all types of the treatment we try to preserve the spirit and light signs of patina which, in our opinion, are appropriate and fit for such type of furniture – our intention is not to create a new object, but to breath new life into your old companion while lifting its face a tad.